Participative show
Multi-narrative performance
Production by Kollektiv international Totem
Venue : Hyperlokal
Grubenstrasse 39 (im Hof), 8045 Zürich
Date : 10 11 12 13 & 17 18 19 20 September 2020

1 / 4 Synopsis and credit

How can we coexist with our wildest desires? How can we live well with and through them? How can we reduce the violence we apply to ourselves and to others? In the manner of a search engine around the word “meduse”. Medusen reveals links between elements which seem at first sight heterogeneous, crossing Greek mythology, science and human history.

Like investigators, the audience discovers the character’s mind, walking between old hegemonic patterns and dopamine.

Medusen is a multi-perspective performance, which includes a video-walk, audio-walk, treasure-hunt, a guided city tour, a concert and an installation.

Each listener-viewer can select different character paths to unravel a case with another point of view. As a navigator who interprets the sky through constellations to move forward through waters. Medusen activates the imagination of the audience to face their own reality.

artistic responsible / performance
léo collin
technical responsible / conception
leandro gianini
realisation / performance
nuriia khasenova
kay zhang
stage + costume designer
mariana vieira
software + web designer
dalius singer
nonsence engineering
eric larrieux
guest performers
cimon finix
kotzfrucht (10/11/12/13.09)
white pulse (17/18/19/20.09)
viktoras žemeckas
isabelle simmen
sina frank
dave masu
alicia olmos ochua

Supported by
stadt zurich
kanton zurich
adolf streuli

2 / 4 Characters and Availability

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in Medusen!
In order to proceed, you will need to fill in all the following information.
Please note that the questionnaire is strictly individual and the entry is not guaranteed without this questionnaire.

Before to start, let's learn about the strength of each character

Percy / Audio-walk
Hear ★ ★ ★
Vision ★ ★
Gear ★
Fear ★ ★
Language : english/german
Athena / Treasure-hunt
Hear ★ ★
Vision ★ ★
Gear ★
Fear ★ ★ ★
Language : english/german
Melissa / Video-walk
Hear ★
Vision ★ ★ ★
Gear ★ ★ ★
Fear ★
Language : english
Hermes / Guided-tour
Hear ★ ★
Vision ★ ★
Gear ★ ★
Fear ★ ★
Language : german

Each path takes about 1 hour per character, after that you can enjoy the making-of of the show (therefore a total of 2 hours are allowed for each path). If you book several paths in a row on the same day, you will experience the making-of only at the end of the last path.

IMPORTANT: You can participate in several paths in a row (which we highly recommend). This way you can experience several exciting perspectives of the story, each path highlighting different materials, medias and themes. The original idea was to experience all the characters, but it is up to you how many of them you choose.

EXAMPLE 11.September 2020:
You can book Hermes at 17:30, Percy at 18:45, Melissa at 20:00, and Athena at 21:15 and you will discover the making of at 22:15.


3 / 4 Some information about you

1. Please select the number you feel the most familiar with.

2. Which vowel do you prefer?

3. Which number seems more attractive to you?

4. Which entity would you want to contact first in case of danger?

5. Last question, where were you last night around 10 PM?

4 / 4 Conditions

- The show features some movement throughout the space, recommended age is 16 years old and over.
- Please write to us if you have a disability. If there is a request, we are able to organize something for you.
- Tickets can not be funded back but write us please if you can not come in order to give the spot to someone else.
- You must arrive at the latest 5 minutes before the show.
- We never share collected data with the third party. All data after the show will be permanently deleted.

It’s not possible to modify the selection by yourself.
You can contact us and we might be able to find a solution.
Tel: +41 76 705 61 21